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Sturm und drang means storm and stress in English. The phrase sturm und drang is in the language of German.

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Q: What does strum und drang mean in English?
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When was Forever - Sturm und Drang song - created?

Forever - Sturm und Drang song - was created in 2007.

What are the rough translations of Sturm und Drang?

The typical translation is "Storm and Stress," but Drang is more accurately rendered at "longing" or "urge."

What has the author Edith Abel Braemer written?

Edith Abel Braemer has written: 'Goethes Prometheus und die Grundpositionen des Sturm und Drang' -- subject(s): Prometheus (Greek deity) in literature, Sturm und Drang movement

Sturm und Drang is the name of a rock band but what did the term originally refer to?

"Sturm und Drang" is a German literary movement that dates back to the 18th century. During this tumultuous time period, this movement developed from high emotions. Sturm und drang works depict rebellion and motivates others to revolt against society.

What does und mean in English?

The German word 'und' translates into English as 'and.'

What has the author Alan C Leidner written?

Alan C. Leidner has written: 'Sturm Und Drang' 'The impatient muse' -- subject(s): German literature, History and criticism, Sturm und Drang movement

The Sturm und Drang movement centered on a rejection ofwhat?

Classical forms

Who wrote a text on adolescence that said Sturm und Drang marked adolescence?


What has the author Nagla El-Dandoush written?

Nagla El-Dandoush has written: 'Leidenschaft und Vernunft im Drama des Sturm und Drang' -- subject(s): Emotions in literature, German literature, History and criticism, Social role in literature, Sturm und Drang movement

What is the difference between the STORM AND DRUM and the SENSITIVITY STYLE in music Any examples in operas of Mozart?

sturm und drang means "storm and stress".....==And...== An example of Mozart's Sturm und Drang period would be his 'Little' G Minor Symphony

What does the word und mean in German?

The word "und" in German means "and" in English.

Which culture anthropologist proposed an opposing theory to Sturm und drang based on observations in Samoa?