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I think she wanted to have what your husband gave her. Or was your husband fell in love with his ex mistress because she expect no condition from your husband? How about your husband, are you sure that he stop talking to her. Before you can really blame this woman, see if your husband still talking to her, but don't let her manipulate you as well as your husband. I can give you lots of idea what might this woman wants but I won't because what happen to you is a bit different from mine. But I will share my own personal experience from the man that I married to his ex mistress now.

From the time I discovered my husband with the woman he met on line dating until now, this woman still part of my life, by email, cell phone or personal visit in my home. This woman said to me that she will not stop until she ruin my husband, so when she said it, she meant it because she is doing it not to his ex married lover but to me. 3 years and she still doing it, and I think the man that I married what ever his ex mistress is doing I will not believe her. But his ex mistress really fulfill what she had said in the past. So its either she wanted him back or maybe they decided to stay friends with benefit, or she want to know how he is doing with you. None is important but the other woman will never stop, and your husband " probably" enjoying it because his thinking there's 2 women that he loves fighting for him. If I were you, ignored what this ex mistress is doing, face your husband and ask him to do something, after all you never knew this woman until the day his affair was discovered. Good luck and try not to blame this woman yet, your husband was the one that open this other life not you....

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2010-07-10 07:14:19
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Q: What does she wants when the other woman keeps calling your spouse?
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