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It can mean two things:

  1. Your menstrual cycle is getting ready to begin
  2. Your menstrual cycle is ending
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Q: What does scanty brown fluidy menses mean?
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What does the term menses mean for a woman?

The word menses is generally used very sparingly. For a woman who hits puberty, menses is blood leaving the reproductive cavity as a potential egg is released.

What does menses mean?

Mensus refers to menstruation or your monthly period.

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oh yes. last time i had my menses for 2 days i ended with twins... have a test done to be sure. but it is said that when u get pregnant, the remaining blood come out in a form of so called menses. so watch out.

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It means stop, cease, end. Menopause is the phase of life when an adult woman stops her menses- having her menstrual period.

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