What does radiography mean?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Im surprised you didn't simply use Google for this one.

Radiography refers to the use of ionizing radiation for the acquisition of high quality images for diagnostic purpose, or for the treatment of malignant disease.

In non technical jargon, radiography is the firing of radiation through a person to create an image of the persons inside (guts and bones, etc).

The same radiation can also be used to 'attack' cancers within the body through a similar process in a separate discipline called 'therapeutic radiography'.

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Q: What does radiography mean?
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What does the medical abbreviation ACR mean?

ACR is an abbreviation for the American College of Radiography.

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How is computed radiography different from direct radiography?

'Direct' radiography implies that the other form is 'indirect' radiography which is indeed the implicit connotation. With digital radiography the results of the X-ray are immediate as the system is connected directly to the computer. In indirect radiography (also called computed radiography) a phosphor plate is used, become radiated, and then are scanned following this exposure to see that X-ray's outcome.

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Why radiography is done in industrial engineering & mechanical engineering?

Does cr mean time released?

If its medical, i think it maybe an acronym for Computed Radiography or Clinical Research

When the film is placed within the patient's mouth this is known what kind of radiography?

When the film is placed within the patient's mouth during radiography, it is known as intraoral radiography. This technique allows for detailed imaging of individual teeth and specific areas within the mouth.

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What is the medical term meaning radiography of the brain?

Encephalogram means radiography of the brain.

How the joint efficiency related to radigraphy test?

If joint efficiency is 0.7 then there is no radiography,if it is 0.85 then 10% radiography of the total length of welding and if joint efficiency is 1.0 then 100% radiography is required.

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