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warm water makes them pee

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Q: What does putting one's hand in water while their asleep do?
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How do you make him pee his pants in surprise?

while he is asleep stick his hand in ice water

How do make somone wet the bed?

Stick their hand in some warm water while their asleep -XD

Can you make a pregnant woman go into labor by putting there hand in worm water while sleeping?


How did Helen Keller say her first word water?

How long should you wait to put somebodys hand in warm water while they are asleep?

If there is any change in f acial expression you'll know when to stop

Does putting your hand in warm water while sleeping make you pee?

Yes. only if you are asleep and the water is warm. the warm water relaxes the persons muscles and they pee.

Why would I fall asleep while giving a hand-job?

Only you know the answer to the question. We are not the psychic network .

How do you make boy pee?

Dip his hand into warm water while he is asleep.

What are ways to make you wet the bed?

put their hand in a bowl of water while their asleep Use ice cold water. i tried it. it works!!! soo funny to watch them just let go! warm and hot water works to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! once there hansd is in the water wait a minute and watch it all flow out..........for even better effects make them drink like 2 liters of coke as a dare or something before they go to bed.

How do you make somebody pee their pants?

From TV I would say if there asleep then put there hand in warm water

Can you make someone pee the bed by putting their foot in warm water?

Yes, on the same principle as putting someone's hand in water. Have seen this work in college.

How hot in 'the hand in hot water prank' have to be?

Luke warm. Maybe room tep. To get it to work,you have to make sure the person is deeply asleep,and you have to make sure the person drank plenty of water before they fell asleep. Good Luck, ;)