What does purple mood mean?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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On a mood ring it means happy.

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Q: What does purple mood mean?
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What does the color purple mean for mood rings?

Purple on a mood ring often signifies feelings of passion, mystery, or creativity. It can also indicate a sense of balance or calmness in your emotions.

What does purple mean on a girl scout mood necklace?

I think it means your in love

What does purple mean for a mood ring?

My mood ring came with a code. I know for sure regular blue (there is also dark blue and blue green) stands for relaxed. I believe green has something to do with anger. My ring did not come with purple.

What does it mean if you dream about purple?

On a mood ring, dark purple (blue-violet) can mean very happy, while violet means in love, and lighter purple (red-violet) means emotionally peaking.

Do different colors mean the same things on all mood rings?

No, for example...on one mood ring yellow means happy and blue means clam and purple means flirty, but on another ring, blue is happy, brown is flirty and purple is calm. :)

What do mood ring colors mean?

Red = Love Purple = Romance Green = Active Sorry these are the only ones i remember.

What color means love on a mood ring?


What does the color purple mean in a mood ring?

In the book purple is first referred to as the terrible and ugly color of a bruise as in someone who has been beaten. But then it is explained that a field of purple flowers can also be beautiful. You must look at things in more ways than one to get the true meaning.

What is the mood in So B It?

The mood is that the person is rude(mean mood)

What does the colors mean on the mustache mood necklace mean?

Red-Mad, Angry Green-Happy, Excited Blue- Sad, Depressed Brown- Nutty, Crazy Feeling Purple- In Love, Yearning for Romance, Lust

What could 'his mood is bloody' mean?

it could mean he is in a bad mood or distressed with what is happening

What are the colors of a mood neckalace?

I believe they are black, green, blue and pink. There also might be purple.