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The letters PM does not mean PM of after 12 o clock,it means PRIVATE MESSAGE

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Q: What does pm mean on YouTube?
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On YouTube what is PM?

On YouTube or most forums on the internet PM means Private Message. On YouTube, users can send messages to people in there friends list.

What does pm stand for in sulfur pm?

PM stands for particulate matter, which refers to tiny particles suspended in the air. Sulphur PM specifically refers to particulate matter that contains sulphur compounds.

What is the most popular cat on YouTube?

Nora the piano playing cat is the most popular cat pm YouTube. She has over 2.58 YouTube videos

How do you PM people on youtube?

Go to their channel There is an 'About' column to the left. Under 'created by' the is an option to send a PM Click on it and send your message

How can you ask someone if you can borrow their video off of youtube?

You can send them a personal message (pm) if you have a youtube account. Refer to related links on where to do so.

What do pm mean?

Preventive Maintenance is the meaning of PM.

What does it's mean am and pm?

am moring and pm night

When pivot 4 is coming?

It's out now, but you would have to PM my friend. is my e-mail, I'll give you his youtube name in a PM.

How do you pm on YouTube?

Go to the Channel Home PageThen click "About"Then click "Send Message"

What dose pm mean?

PM means at night or at noon

What does PM mean in Yahoo messenger?

Pm= Private Messages

What does it mean to PM somebody?

pm means to make contact with Private Message