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You are basically saying your brother either by blood or by a bond stronger than friendship, you will always have his back and vice versa, so undying loyalty In a word.

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Q: What does my brother's keeper tattoo mean?
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What does I'm my brothers keeper mean?

what does im my brothers keepers mean?

What tattoo would represents brothers?

A tattoo that represents something you and you brothers share a passion for would be a nice idea. You names in a band on your arm, a dragon with a head for each of you would represent you and your brothers.

How do use brothers' in a sentence?

I have six brothers, but I am not my brothers' keeper.

What actors and actresses appeared in I am my Brothers Keeper - 2014?

The cast of I am my Brothers Keeper - 2013 includes: Cody Gere as himself Kaleb Rutter as himself

I Am My Brother's Keeper definition?

being in recovery from alcohol, yes, i am my brothers keeper!!

What are the release dates for I am my Brothers Keeper - 2013?

I am my Brothers Keeper - 2013 was released on: USA: 30 March 2014 (video premiere)

How do you use brothers' in a sentence?

I have six brothers, but I am not my brothers' keeper.

My older brothers told me I'm there sister keeper what dat mean s?

Your older brother's told you that you're their sister's keeper. This means that they rely on you to look after yours and their sister.

Cain being his brothers keeper?

God knew Cain had killed Abel, so he asked Cain where was his brother Abel. And he replied Am I my brothers keeper.

Do any of the Jonas brothers have a tattoo?


Give you an opinion about you are your brothers keeper?

"Am I my brother's keeper" most famously quoted from the movie New Jack City, meant do I have my brother's back or not? Unfortunately for the brothers in that movie, killing them meant he was keeping them from "jacking up" the business anymore than they had. Being your brother's keeper should mean I have your best interest at heart and I will not let anything happen to you.

Where does the short story your Brothers Keeper begin?

in the courtroom