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Q: What does max schneider do in his free time?
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Is max schneider the son of dan schneider?

Dan Schneiders son is Max Schneider from How to Rock

Who is max schneider's mom and dad?

Max Schneider Sr and Lina Blancha both are from Germany

Who are max schneider's parent?

Dan Schneider

Is max schneider the son of Matthew schneider?


What is max schneider's phone number?

max schneider doesn't have his cell phone number listed.

What nicknames does Maxwell Schneider go by?

Maxwell Schneider goes by Max Schneider.

How old max schneider?

Max Schneider is 25 years old (birthdate: June 21, 1992).

Is max schneider married?


How old is Max Schneider?

Max Schneider is 25 years old (birthdate: June 21, 1992).

What has the author Max F Schneider written?

Max F. Schneider has written: 'Die Musik bei Jacob Burckhardt'

Is Max Schneider German?

Yes it is

Is Max Schneider Hispanic?