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it feels like someone squirted a ring of ketchup around the crown of your head, but this ketchup in warm and spreads down your head, and just feels AWESOME

(i actually get this)

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like your on top of the world

ohhhh yaaaa

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for me i put my weed in beer for 2 days then i put it in a bag for 5 days then when i smoke 7 hit i feel zone out drunk relaxs good like i can do anything

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Q: What does marijuana make you feel like?
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Can marijuana make you lazy?

Yes. Some types of marijuana can make you feel drowsy and lazy.

How do you make a marijuana symbol on facebook?

like this .. _|_

Should marijuana stay illegal?

no it shouldn't. Marijuana is a plant that has been grown in the ground naturally how can you make a plant illegal? the only thing weed aka Marijuana does to you is make you feel happy about how you feel if anyone thinks this is wrong then leave a comment.

What are the different medical marijuana use?

To make a patient feel better.

How does marijuana effect your bones?

it make the ones weak and you will feel unstablized

What can you smoke that's like pot?

Marijuana is a unique substance with unique effects, therefore nothing you smoke will ever feel like marijuana if it's not marijuana. If you're looking for mild relaxing effects, you can try smoking mugwort, sage or damiana. But these won't feel like marijuana, they have their own properties. No legal high will ever feel like marijuana.

What chemical is on marijuana that makes you high?

THC the crystals that make yu feel high

Can marijuana cause full body paralysis?

marijuana can not actually paralize you but it can make you feel so heavy that you just "cant't move" Example man im so stoned i feel paralized

What does marijuana cause you to do?

It makes you super high,hungry,funny,and you feel like your in space

How can marijuana make people behave?

Like a God.

Can marijuana make you depressed?

No, I never heard of marijuana making people feel depress and I know lots of people who smoke, and they don't ever get depress.

Does smoking marijuana enhance fever?

Smoking marijuana can increase your metabolic rate, which will make you feel hotter than usual.