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This means that it is compatible with the Nike App on your iPod or iPhone.

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Q: What does it mean when your shoes have the Nike plus iPod sign?
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Does Nike plus shoes comes with a computer chip or you have to buy it at the apple store?

You buy a Nike + iPod Sport Kit (See links below) which includes a Wireless sensor for Nike+ shoes and a Wireless receiver for iPod / iPhone.

How do you work the Nike sensor on the iPod touch?

You have to buy the iPod Touch Sensor, and the Nike Plus Shoes, you can find these on the internet, and to get it up, you go on Settings, Scroll down, click on it and turn it on, with the on button. Nike Plus Shoes: around £50- £100 Nike Plus Sensor : around £13-£20 Depending on which store you buy it from, the price varies.

Does Nike plus ipod work with other shoes?

yes just put the sensor in or on your shoe

Can you use Nike plus iPod with an iPod Classic?

no. the iPod classic does not have the wireless receiver needed to be used with Nike Plus iPod.

Does the Nike plus come with the Nike shoe?

yes you do. and you can't just buy any of the nike shoes they have. you have to buy the ones with the nike plus symbol on the bottom of the shoe. they're usually the running or fitness shoes that have them

Does the nike plus iPod work on any iPod Touch?


Does nike plus iPod work on iPod Touch 2g?

Yes i have it

What is a Nike plus iPod sensor?

It is a sensor that is bought separately from the iPod or iPhone. It is place in the bottom of a Nike plus shoe to help you with running. It tell you your pace, jog time, distance and your remaining time or distance.

Are Nike plus running shoes a good brand?

It depends on what you mean by 'good'. The Nike plus running shoes, according to reviews i have read, the product provides comfort and prevents irritation. It has a reinforcement saddle to give a foot-hugging fit

Will Nike plus iPod support iPod touch 4th generation?

that comes with ipod touch 4g

How do you use the Nike plus iPod that for the iPod touch?

you must go to settings and look for nike + ipod and enable it then you must go to the home screen and tap the icon.

Do you need a Nike Plus sensor to work out on an iPod?

iPod Touch = Yes iPod Nano = No Any other iPod = IDK