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it could mean she's angry at you or maybe uncomfortable hugging you it really depends on the situation.

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Q: What does it mean when your female friend hugs everyone but you?
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What does this mean when a girl hugs you and she already has a boyfriend?

just a friend

What does hugs and loves mean in a text by a girl?

It means that she likes you. Liking does not mean as a partner only. It could also mean liking as a friend.

When a boy lead on you or hugs you does that mean he likes you?

no it means he likes u as a friend >3

What does it mean when a guy says hugs and smiles?


What does that mean if the guy you like hugs his friend who's a girl and keeps looking at you?

that means that he is intrested in you and hugs his girlfriend till he says bye and gets together with you

What does it mean when your best friend hugs you?

Hahaha that's what best friends do! It's a good thing

What does it mean if an a female acquaintance hugs you daily?

Does she hug everybody? If so, it's meaningless - some people are "huggers" God bless 'em. If she hugs just you, she likes you.

What does it mean when a guy friend hugs you and said I will miss you?

It means he is your friend and will miss you while you are separated. Answer It would be confusing if you didn't know he was leaving.

What does it mean if your outgoing guy friend hugs you more passionately than he hugs others and only talks after you say something but can talk about anything nonstop to others?

well normally it mean that he has strong feeling towards you

What does it mean if a boy hugs you but is dating another girl?

He is obviously using her as a cover up to hide his deep, passionate love for you. Just kidding, don't flatter yourself dear. It probably means nothing. Everyone hugs everyone now-a-days.

What does podruga mean?

a female friend

What does it mean when a man calls you his girlfriend to everyone one day then a friend to a female friend the next?

That you mam, indeed need a new "Friend" and if i were you, i would utilize a Frying Pan for emphasizing. please do enjoy the rest of your life.