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It means that you are beginning labor and you could have the baby at any time.

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Q: What does it mean when your cervix is open and soft during late stages of pregnancy?
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Does sex in late stages of pregnancy effect the cervix to make a show?

It may make the cervix show say if ot is done in the second week of the ninth month.

Is withdrawal necissary during pregnancy sex?

Sperms in for some reasons not harm your preganancy, it help ripen your cervix in late pregnancy.

Where should the cervix be in late pregnancy?

I noticed mine to be low, I didn't no anything about cervix's back then and wondered what the hell it was!!

An embryo during the late stages of development-?

An embryo during the late stages of development is known as a fetus.

What is the cervical position during early pregnancy?

Basically, the cervix will raise and become fleshy (typically quite hard) during early pregnancy, however, timing is all dependent on the individual. Some experience this change in different periods of the pregnancy; from the earlier stages until quite late in the first trimester. Quite frankly, don't rely on this as a means to determine whether you are pregnant or not. The advice of a professional is always the best answer.

Is there any upper stomach pain during pregnancy?

During the late stages of pregnancy you can have upper abdominal pain, but the most common pain is heart burn. Talk to your doctor and if becomes severe, call your doctor right away.

What should a cervix feel like when pregnant?

The cervix will normally feel firm (like the tip of your nose) when not pregnant. In pregnancy, the cervix normally rises (is higher up) and is softer (like feeling your lips with your fingers). This may vary between women and can sometimes not be noticed until late pregnancy so it is not a reliable indicator of pregnancy.

What happens if you lay on your stomach during pregnancy?

You may be uncomfortable if late in your pregnancy.

What do you call a embryo during the late stages of development?

a fetus a fetus

Has anyone ever went into labor at 32 weeks from eating pineapple?

Eating pineapple is very not recomended at early pregnancy, but at late pregnancy bromelain at pineapple helps soften your cervix only..

What does a tingling sensation in the vagina during late pregnancy?

means you have crabs :)

How can you cheat a pregnancy test?

The only thing that 'might' work is to drastically dilute the urine. So, I would try to take the pregnancy test as late in the day as possible and drink as much water as possible. You might get away with it during the early stages of pregnancy when your HCG levels are low, but this will not work for long....

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