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It means that he is not your boyfriend!

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Q: What does it mean when your boyfriend dumps you on the first date?
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What does it mean when you tell your boyfriend that you love for the first then he dumps you?

he really doesn't like you. I would think he has another woman.

Is it better to dump your boyfriend before he dumps you?

Personally, if you have feelings for him and like him don't dump him. I mean you can dump him but if he dumps you than you can ask him why.

What does it mean if your boyfriend dumps you but deep down he knows he loves you?

He's bipolar and doesn't know what he wants

What does get in with a boy mean?

It may mean to be to be with him and date him as boyfriend and girlfriend.

What does it mean if your boyfriend dumps you and you don't see each other for a few months but then whenever you see him all he does is stare at you or check you out?

No one can answer that but the boyfriend, ASK HIM ! Anything else is just a guess.

What does be your valatine mean?

It means will you go out with me like boyfriend and girlfriend or on a date.

What does it mean when she says she wants nothing serious but wants to date?

It means she wants you as her boy toy until she finds someone better and dumps you.

What does it mean if you keep dreaming about your ex-boyfriend after he dumps you is that typical of a breakup?

well maybe u still love him somewhere in your heart or its just that your upset about the break up :s

What does Vous you rendez heureux petit ami mean?

its mostly in d sense of "date with the boyfriend"

What does it mean when a couple goes steady?

they dont date anyone else and are officially boyfriend and girlfriend

Is someone a true friend when they are dating for ex boyfriend?

First, do they know that he is your ex- boyfriend? If they do then that doesn't mean they are not a true friend. You dumped him (or he dumped you) right? Then she(your friend) can date him if she wants to. You and your ex are over, so why does it matter who comes and dates him next?

Who is Bella Thorne's girlfriend?

Ummm first of all I think you mean boyfriend and her boyfriend is garret blackstrom.

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