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Congrats; Your Pregnant

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Q: What does it mean when you skip your period?
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Is this the only why you know if you are pregnant is you skip your period?

Just because you skip your period, doesn't mean you are pregnant.

Is it bad to skip your period?

It is bad to skip the period due to unwanted pregnancy. Pregnancy should be ruled out routinely, when you skip the period.

Is it ok to skip a period?

never skip skool

You took the nuva ring out on the 26th of February and put another ring in on March 1st does that mean you will skip your period?

You may skip your period, have irregular spotting, or notice no change in bleeding pattern.

When a female does not come on her cycle does it always mean she is pregnant?

No because if the female is on birth control she can skip period even with out it she can skip periods but it'snothing to worry about .

Your period starts in a day and you want to skip it?

If you are on the pill, don't take the pills for your period week, skip directly to the pills for the following week. If you aren't on the pill, there is no way to skip a period.

Can you skip a period with the nuva ring?


What does it mean when i skip a period?

your pregnant or you just have irregular periods it doesn't have to do with any weight problems or anything else

Can girls skip their period?

Yes, all girls can skip their period... its relativly normal.. sometimes girls have their period one month and skip like 2 months until they get there next it definatly depends on the person tooo

If you want to skip your period in August do you start your new pack right after your period in July?

To skip your period in August you need to start your new pack of pills before you have your period in August.

Can you skip your period using Micronor?

Many women don't have bleeding on Micronor. There is no special way to use Micronor to skip a period.

Can you skip your period if you're on the birth control pill?

Yes, you can skip your period, on purpose or unexpectedly, when you're on the birth control pill.

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