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It means you have a tongue piercing. Nothing more, nothing less.

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2012-05-26 19:04:40
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Q: What does it mean when you have a tongue ring?
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How do you with a tongue ring?

No one understands your ungrammatical/incomplete sentence. Also, there really is no such thing as a tongue ring, though there theoretically could be. I believe you mean a tongue STUD.

Does Willow Smith have a tongue ring?

no willow smith does not have a tongue ringYes she does have a tongue ring

What does it mean if you had your tongue pierced?

When you get your tongue pierced, you go to a tattooist and they stick a needle thru your tongue, and you put a tongue ring in it. Its very similar to ear piercing = )

How do you wear a tongue ring?

You dont wear a tongue ring actually it's a tongue barbell.

If a girl has a tongue ring what does that mean?

Well actually she would have a "tongue piercing" not a "tongue ring" and it means nothing other than she has and enjoys piercings and to think anything other than that is just wrong on your part.

What is this white ring under your tongue?

I don't have a white ring under my tongue.

What is a Lock on tongue rings?

There is no "lock on a tongue ring" and it's not a ring it's a barbell.

What r the negative effects of a tongue ring?

If you have a tongue ring, it makes it hard to make out. the ring always gets in the way.

How can you find an 18 gauge tongue ring?

Google search for "18 gauge tongue ring"!

How do you eat a girl out with a tongue ring?

The same way you did before, except now you have a tongue ring.

What does it mean if you have your tongue pierced?

It means there is a small metal stud or ring going through your toungue.

How do you open a tongue ring?

Hold your tongue ring in place, and hold tongue still. Hold both sides of tongue ring. Then begin to twist one side, while holding the other side firmly. The ring should open easily. If not think about going to your piercer and having them do it for you.

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