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it means that your period just left and it coming back again to get you

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2012-12-15 17:12:38
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Q: What does it mean when you have a period for one day and then cramping for one week?
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Are you having early pregnancy symptoms if you have had cramping on your left side about a week after ovulation and your nipples have been hard and sensitive?

Pregnancy symptoms can start as early as the day of conception, if it is a week before your period there are tests you can take a week before your period that will tell you if you are pregnant or not but a definite sign is a missed period.

Why are you cramping 2 weeks before your next period?

Ovualtion time! Some women experince cramping on ovualtion day.

Does discharge mean your going to have your first period?

it means that in a year or so you will start your period for me I had it for about 2 years before my period and if your worried about it the day before it starts you might experience major cramping and act bratty moody and grumpy within a month/week before your first period your might start spotting were little spots of blood can be found. mine spotted one day and I started the next day

Does cramping usually happen the day before you start spotting Like when you PMS?

Cramping can happen whenever! I sometimes get cramps 2 weeks before I actually start my period. My worse cramps come the day before and the day of my period.

Is mild period-like cramping normal for several days when just starting birth control?

You should start birth control on the first day of your period, otherwise your period will arrive on a new day & this will slightly change your cycle. If you DID start taking birth control pill during your period then this is why you're cramping and yes, birth control can cause abdominal cramping.

What does the word week work mean?

The word week means the time over a period of seven days, each day consisting of 24 hours.

If my breast are sore and some cramping but 11 days away before period comes. I'm on a 27 day cycle.?

Sore breasts and cramping are normal at this stage in your cycle. You are probably ovulating or have just ovulated and this often causes sore breasts and cramping. If you miss your period, take a test

If you have PMS does that mean you have to have your period My period is 1 day late and i had PMS but does having PMS mean that i cant be pregnant?

Early pregnancy symptoms can mimic PMS, including fatigue, mood changes and breast tenderness. Cramping can accopany implantation of the embryo. Feeling these things does not necessarily mean that you are going to have a period. Wait for your period, or buy some early accuracy home pregnancy tests.

Spotting after period?

I've just got done with my period a week ago, but i had intercourse the day before my last day of my period and then a week later i had intercourse again..the next day i startiung apotting and the day after i was spotting a little more heavier...whats the meaning to this?

Can you get pregnant one week after the first day of your period?

Yes you can.

What is smaller than an era or a period?

a week than a day

If I'm spotting does that mean I am pregnant I'm spotting 4 days before my period is due. Is this normal?

I was spotting the day I was due for my period and the next day it was gone. WHich is odd for me because im usually very heavy. So I waited another week and took a test. I was pregnant and continued to spot for another week or two still. But it could mean your stressed to and its causing you not to get your period.

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