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Q: What does it mean when you have a dream that someone you know is doing drugs?
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How long does it take to get weed out of your systom?

I do not know but you should not be doing drugs even though its a plant but w/e try google or ask someone you trust.....

How do you tell someone to stop doing drugs?

You can't make a person stop doing drugs unless they want too. The drugs are, as you know addictive so it's a tough road for a person on drugs. I believe the only way to help a person on drugs (whether it's street drugs or hooked on prescription drugs) is the family forms a pact, gets a good psychologist and one that performs 'Intervention Methods.' I watch a very good program on TV called 'Intervention' and it deals with drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, etc. It's an excellent program and it let's you see the hell the drug user is going through (why they are that way) and what it does to the families and how those families react to the person with the problem. Many of the programs given by the psychologist are successful in treating the patient and it's usually done in 90 days with follow-up visits.

Which country uses the most illegal drugs?

I am not sure which country USES the most, but I know that last year America had spent the most money on illegal drugs. I'm pretty sure Amereica uses the most drugs. ----------------------------------- i think it is Europe because they ship in allot of drugs to America i don't know if it is in Europe for a fact but i just know that there is allot of drugs there...

How do you tell if someone is using drugs?

Determining whether or not someone you know is using or abusing drugs, there are several factors to consider. Most importatly you would need to determine what drug the person is using. Second you must consider whether or not the symptoms you are seeing are related to drugs and not other factors. For example some indications of marijuana use are also indications for depression. (red eyes, weight gain, lack of concentration, decline in work or school preformance, etc.) There are several different kinds of drugs with several very adverse effects. Some drugs pick you up while others bring you down. There are several different ways to determin whether or not someone is using drugs. You may want to consider listing some of the symptoms that you have seen in the particular person and do some research on those specific signs.

The perfect boyfriend?

My dream boyfriend is someone who is loving. He's romantic but can have a laugh. He's all over me but does understand when I want to hang out with my friends but he can't ditch all of HIS friends for me! I have found my dream guy and I hope he is reading this right now! How do you know if it is you? I would have told you to search this! Love Jess x

Related questions

What does it mean to dream of your best friend doing drugs when they don't do drugs in real life?

It means that your mind is using the image of your friend to represent yourself, and "doing drugs" symbolizes something you are doing that you know is wrong. You may be in denial, fooling yourself into believing that you are not "really" involved with this behavior, or that you can quit any time you want. However, the dream is saying that whatever this represents is just like doing drugs - you don't realize how addicted you are becoming. The dream uses your best friend's image because you care about this friend and don't want them involved in self-destructive behavior. The dream is telling you to care about yourself in the same way you care about your best friend.

Do people on drugs cheat more?

In my opinion no someone going to cheat regardless if they are doing drugs or not, it may influence them more but some people know there limit on cheating and some don't

What to do when you dream about someone you know?

Wake up

What does it mean when you dream about needles and thread?

dreaming about needles and threads depends on what the needles and threads are doing in you dream. Sometimes it means that you need to mend somthing with someone right a wrong or that someone is trying to mend it with you but you don't want to or dont' know that they are wanting to.

How long does it take to get weed out of your systom?

I do not know but you should not be doing drugs even though its a plant but w/e try google or ask someone you trust.....

What does it mean to dream of a blank face?

The dream suggests a lack of information. You do not know as much as you think you know about someone in your life.

How many parents know their kids are drinking or doing drugs?

Many parents know, but aren't doing anything about it. The amount of parents that know and are doing something about it is probably around 25%.

Will nuerontin dilute a urine sample?

Why do you wanna know? You shouldn't be doing drugs!

What does it mean when you dream someone taken a prnangentcy test?

You or someone else that you know are thinking that they are pregnant and they want to know if its true.

How can you believe a guy about not doing drugs?

honestly you will never know for sure unless there is a drug test. If you find that he is doing drugs you need to ask yourself if you can be with him. If you continue the relationship you cant keep pestering him by asking if he does drugs.

What does it mean when a girl has a dream that she is attracted to someone in her class?

It's just a dream, if you want to know whether you're attracted to someone in your class then ask yourself.

What does it mean when you're dreaming of someone you know and are talking with them sometime during the dream they leave or disappear and you can't find them?

The dream is not about this "someone you know." Instead, this someone represents yourself. Your own mind is showing you that you have lost track of a part of yourself.