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That means you are ovulating.

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Q: What does it mean when you had your period and then 2 weeks later you spotted brown blood?
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If you missed a period and had sex and 3 days later start bleeding brown blood what could that mean?

Brown flow is light bleeding that is taking it's time to come out of your body so it is turning brown and mixing with your discharge. This may be the start of your period or this may be as heavy as this period is going to be. You can also get this if your cycle is irregular, not menstruation but spotting due to hormonal imbalance. If you go over three months without a period or keep seeing unusual bleeding like this then go see your doctor to find out what's going on.

What does it mean if your discharging brown?

I am asuming that you havent had your period before, so it would be spotting. Your really close! At first discharge is white and later on it gets brown because some blood is in it. If you are expirencing itching, you might have an infection.

I have started my period 3 days ago but its dark brown is it periods or just brown discharge?

It is not unusual for it to be brown. It is very possible that it will change from brown later on. This is normal.

What does it mean when you finish your period and 2 days later you are leaking a little bit of brown?

It means you are still getting your period.

If your period is normal and after your period and 3 days later you have spotting what does that mean?

That's just the after math sometimes this happens , as a result of your insides cleaning itself no need to panick but if it continues for more that a full week over normal you might want to think about it seriously .