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If you fantasize about kissing someone, it doesn't necessarily mean you are in love with them. You may have a crush on them, or fancy them.

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It usually means you are attracted to that person (if they are not family). If they are family, it usually means you care about them.

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Q: What does it mean when you fantasize about kissing someone?
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What does it mean when someone makes out?

they are kissing someone else

What does getting off with someone mean?

French Kissing

What does it mean when your kissing someone and they giggle while kissing?

It means that they like it or they are trying to tell you that they are uncomfortable.

Is it ok to fantasize about someone you love?

sure is

What does it mean if you dreamed of someone kissing you on the cheek but you ignored it?

You don't like them

Why would someone suck in your breath while kissing what does that mean?

It doesn't mean anything, they may have been just playing around - it is not a normal kissing practice.

What is is mean if you like kissing someone?

you either like them or you just like their kisses

Can you get a cold soret by kissing someone that has it?

You can get a cold sore by kissing someone that has it.

What does smooching mean?

smooches means how many times have you snoged someone

Can you catch aids by kissing someone on the lips?

What you have to remember is that the HIV virus is spread via bodily fluids. Kissing that does not involve exchange of fluids is not risky (closed mouth or "social" kissing). Kissing that involves the exchange of fluids, on the other hand, poses a small risk if one of the individuals involved has HIV.The CDC has cautioned against open-mouthed kissing if individuals are HIV positive. Although the risk of transmission is very small, it cannot be ruled out completely.Answer 2It is highly unlikely that you will get HIV from open mouthed kissing.. The only reason why the CDC cautions against it, is in cases where both people have open cuts on their lips, or active herpes lesions. It would take more than two cups of saliva to be transferred from one person to another, to get the infection through the saliva, so this method is yes, highly unlikely, but just don't go to any Guiness Book of World Records kissing festivals with a person who you know is infected. =) You also cannot get HIV from oral sex, either, as long as there is no open sore on the mouth of the infected person giving the oral sex.

What does it mean when you still fantasize about an ex?

you might still have feelings for him!

Can you get a uti from kissing someone?

no you can not get the uti from kissing anyone