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It usally means you are becoming a mermaid with some other simptoms.

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Q: What does it mean when you crave salt?
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Why do you crave vinegar and salt?

Because you are greedy.

Do baby mice crave salt?


If you are a vegetarian and are anemic - with low blood pressure - why do you crave salt?

I've read that low blood pressure can be caused by a lack of sodium, and that after an "episode" in which people black out they tend to crave salt due to the deficiency in their body.

Is eating a lot a sign that you are about to start your period?

Yes. I crave salt and sugar.

Why do i crave milk after eating salty foods?

I crave milk because is a rich source of protein, sugar and fat. It is delicious and my body recognizes that it is nutritious.

What does scoloosis mean?

Scoliosis is a crave in the spine. This is not normal.

What words mean the same as crave?

desire hunger yearn (for) pine (for) want need (depends on the original use of "crave")

Do cats like salt?

Assuming you mean ordinary table salt (NaCl), then in the short term, nothing serious. They might get somewhat thirsty. Other salts might have different outcomes.

Why would a dog crave salt?

All mamals crave salt to a point. Humans not so much anymore because there is so much salt in the foods they eat. Back in history the hunters often staked out the natural occurring salt licks to insure finding an animal to get for their next meals. Make sure your dog is getting a good quality dogfood and this should take care of any cravings.

What does it mean to crave cheeseburgers?

You are missing fat and protein in your diet.

I crave to smell nail polish what does this mean?

It means you have an addiction to it.

What is the scientific reason you get thirsty after eating popcorn?

The salt in the popcorn causes your body to crave a liquid (water) after consuming it.