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Your butt hurts.

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Q: What does it mean when the top of your butt hurt?
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You are a girl and a boy came to you and grabbed and pinched your butt what does this mean?

did it hurt?

What does it mean if your butt muscle hurt and goes down to the leg?

You are having an orgasm.

What does it mean when your butt cheeks hurt?

I guess it came from me having sex but he was not no where near my butt so i dont know why its hurting like this !

When does the butt hurt?

When you really wanted to go see that Rolling Stones concert but the tickets are all sold out, you will be butt hurt.

Your butt hurt when you poops?


Name something you would ride that would make your butt hurt?

ok so something that would make your butt hurt is riding on a horse since it is bumpy or riding a bicycle which will hurt your butt after some time

Does it hurt to twease your butt hair?

no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What would make your butt hurt?

Yes your butt can hurt, but its probley from sitting on your butt all day and being lazy or you maybe just have to take a crap!!

What does up the butt mean?

What does a butt mean? It is on a person. Right? What does a butt mean? It is on a person. Right?

Can it hurt your butt if you do it in it?

If you are talking about anal sex; yes it can, but it can hurt less with proper lubrication.

Why does your butt hurt before you poop?

It might be constipation.

Does it hurt to get done in your butt?

Not if you use enough crisco.