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It simply means that they want you to lay

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Q: What does it mean when someone bites your ear?
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What does it mean when a man bites my ear?

that , that person is a werdo

What are dog bites?

When a dog bites someone or something.

If someone bites their finger and looks at you what does it mean?

means that they just got caught in a lie or bluffin.

What does it mean when your right ear burns?

some people say someone is talking about you

What does it mean when someone bites their knuckles or fist?

It's usually a sign of pain or of holding back an emotional outburst.

What does the idiom a flea in your ear mean?

It means someone is telling you a small hint to remind you of something

What does it mean if my Left ear is red hot and burning?

Someone is talking about the left hand side of you!

Is someone talking about you when your ear burns?

May be someone is talking about you at the moment, but when your ear burns is due to an altering function of a determined nerve, the sympathetic or parasympathetic nerve.Yes , my mum has told me from me being young that if your left ear burns then someone loves you but if your right ear burns then someone doesnt like you and is saying mean things about you! its called left for love and right for spite (:Of course not. This is a superstition; there is no relation whatsoever.

What does it mean when you are whispering in someone's ear?

It means that you are going to seduce him/her. i.e when a guy says "may i blow in your ear" it means "lets go get busy (have sex)"

What does it mean if you have an extra ear piercing on your right ear?

It means you have too much time on your hands and gawking at someone's right ear is not socially acceptable, nor is assuming that two piercings on one ear has any hidden meaning in society.

What does bites in your hand mean?

I think you mean,,"Don't bite the hand that feeds you". It means, don't turn on someone that is good to you. If someone is nice to you or provides you with positive things, don't ignore them or give them a reason to stop.

Does it mean that someone is going to kiss you if they lean into you?

No. Sometimes they just get closer to look at you eyes or to wisper in your ear.