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It just means that your breats are growing and its okay if one of them is a bit larger than the other its normal. Once you finish puberty your breasts will be fully grown and both of your breasts will be the same size.

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Q: What does it mean when one of your nipples are hard and the other is not?
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How do you orally stimulate nipples?

Gently run your tongue over the nipple of one breast while fondling the other. when the nipples get hard you can switch.

Is it normal one of your nipples is bigger than your other two?


When do your breast start feeling tender of pregnancy?

== == dno about the pregnancy one but the girl who has hard nipples is a retard

What does it mean when one of your nipples is bigger then the other?

That just means your developing is slowing breast is growing faster than the other which is weirdGet that stufft checked out ASAP That's scary stuff i had that i think one time

Was there an episode on the Oprah Winfrey show were she was told her nipples were hard?

Yes, in one of her shows someone from the audients told Oprah that here nipples were showing trough her dress. Oprah reacted startled and said that she even taped bandages on her nipples to prevent it.

Why do boys have indented nipples?

Boys can have intented nipples for no apparent reason. One of my friends has a few dozen posters of topless male actors and male models, some of them have indented nipples and the others have 'sticky-outie' nipples, it really doesn't mean anything.

What if your nipples have been sore for about 4 weeks now and one week ago you had a period which lasted about five days and still your nipples are sore and tender What does this mean?

it means u got some crazy nipples

Why is one of my nipples hard during simulation and the other isn't?

People vary, no one is perfect, no one is exactly the same as another. When you are young you tend to see your differences as imperfections, but when you get older you realize the differences don't really mean anything and everyone is just as imperfect as you are. "I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet."

Do male rabbits have nipples?

This topic is much debated. Even people who've had personal experience with rabbits - bunny owners, breeders, vets - disagree about whether male rabbits do or don't have nipples.DiscussionYes, male rabbits, like all male mammals, do have nipples.Not even all female mammals have nipples. Rats, horses, mice are mammals in which the male has no nipples. There seems to be much contradictory information on whether or not male rabbits have nipples. My male rabbit does not appear to have nipples.Yes, male rabbits have nipples, just as human males have nipples (same as human females). A buck (male) rabbit's nipples are smaller and more discrete than a female's, so they can sometimes be hard to find... but they are still there.Male bunnies do not need to produce milk for babies. Why would they have nipples?Why indeed? And yet, many male mammals have them, so this is a legitimate question and not rhetorical, as you seem to have intended it.Just as with humans, male rabbits do in fact have nipples. but they're vestigial and hard to see.My male rabbit appears to lack nipples. Some other male mammals do not have nipples; mice, rats, and horses being some of the prominent examples. Some mammals, such as the platypus, have no nipples in either sex.My male rabbit does have nipples. They're hard to see, and I'd probably never have known about them, but then one of them became irritated and swollen and we had to see the vet. The vet showed me his other nipples for comparison: tiny, tiny flaps of skin. Even though lots of people say they don't have nipples (even vets - link below), male rabbits do have nipples.

Does Harry Styles have three nipples?

No, he's got four. He joked, "I must've been a twin, but the other one went away and left it's nipples behind."

What is the world record of nipples on one person?

Harry Styles from one direction. He has 4 nipples!

What can be the cause of your girlfriends nipples being hard all day every day?

Sexual stimulation is one way, and another would be that she is cold.

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