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This goes back to the beginning of the auto 5 production in 1903. John Cockerill was a British Industrialist whose company supplied high quality steel to Fabrique Nationale (FN) which was the maker of the A-5. The Cockerill name was first used on Browning barrels stamped "cockerill steel". The steel was a very strong quality that met the proofing requirements of guns that were shooting smokeless powder. Eventually the Cockerill name was dropped from the barrels and "special steel" was used instead. The FN guns that were not sold to Browning in the US, uses the barrel stamp of "acier special" which means special steel in the French language.

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Q: What does it mean when it says special steel barrel on a browning shot gun?
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What does special steel mean on a browning 2000 barrel?

You will have to ask Browning.

What does browning special steel mean?

Advertising term.

What does 'special choke' mean on a Belgian Auto-5 shotgun barrel mean?

Haven't seen that marking. Choke markings on Browning shotguns are coded by a series of asterisks and dashes. They also had a marking called 'ACIER SPECIAL' which simply means special steel, indicating the gun was suitable for smokeless powder.

What does 2 astericks mean on a browning barrel?

Modified Choke

Can you use steel shot in a lead barrel?

Assuming you mean a barrel that is for lead pellets, if the barrel is not rifled, steel shot will not damage the smooth barrel. If it is rifled however, steel shot will in fact damage the rifling.

Where can you find a guide to what the barrel markings on a browning a5 12ga mean?


If your Browning 1910 have the numbers 56804a on the barrel what does it mean?

The serial number of the weapon.

What does the asterisk on the barrel of a Browning shotgun mean?

Browning Choke Markings "* " = full "*- " = improved modified "** " = modified "**-" = improved cylinder "**$" = skeet "***" = cylinder

What does 0 Kg 894 mean on Browning A-5 375035?

This is the weight in Kilograms of the barrel by itself.

What is the blue steel on a 1984 model 1895 browning lever action rifle mean?

Steel treated to have blue color

What does NS mean on a Browning rifle?

It stands for 'Nickel Steel', the material the metal is made from.

What do the star and dashes marks on the barrel of a Belgium browning mean?

They are a code used to denote choke size.