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It means "one who uses and is a member of Facebook".

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Q: What does it mean when it says Facebook user?
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What does it mean when a profile name says Facebook user?

it means that he/she is a facebook user ??

What does it mean on Facebook when a persons name says Facebook user?

What it means is that this person had either deleted their account, has blocked you :( i hate it when it happens to me it could mean that you have not signed in to it and your a guest and not a member

When facebook says that a user has too many friend requests what does this mean?

it is mean that person hve over 1000 friend requets pending

What does it mean when it says on Facebook confirmed a photo on Facebook?

If got tag in a photo on there.

What does half moon mean on FaceBook chat?

It means that that user is idle. The half moon comes up after the user does not interact with Facebook for a consecutive ten minutes.

What do you call a new user on Facebook?

you call it- new facebook user

Can you track a Facebook user?

You can search for a facebook user via the search bar

Facebook messages from my friend appear as blank bubbles with no picture and says Facebook User Why?

Tell your friend to change the character encoding from "gsm, 7 bits" to "auto"

What does it mean on Facebook when it says your hometown?

It means which town do you live in at the moment

What does it mean on Facebook when you can no longer find a person?

Facebook uses a simple Search feature. When a person is a member, their User Name is automatically added to that Search database on Facebook. This database is also used in Google searches, such as if you use the search term Facebook+User Name. If you can no longer find that specific person in the Facebook Search database, the person may have:Changed their User NameDeleted /closed their account completely. For example, a parent of a pre-teen may have asked Facebook to close a child's account because the user is not of an age to be on Facebook.Or, perhaps Facebook permanently blocked the User's account

What is Facebook profile link?

Facebook account have unique facebook user profile and its link is created along with uniquie user id, this is facebook profile link. If user has spesified a username then the facebook profile link contains username instead of id.