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oh, i dont know, maybe she kinda likes you XD

obviously means she wants to get freindlier with you


It depends where. Be careful- she might want sex.

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2010-12-31 03:03:01
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Q: What does it mean when a woman puts her hand down a mans pants?
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Why does a woman put her hand down a mans pants?

To give him a hand job

The meaning of a girl kissing a mans hand?

A woman kissing a mans hand means forgive me I am deeply sorry. You are everything to me. My love is so tender for you.

Is there hidden thoughts in a womens mind when they shake a mans hand firmly then tighter and then pushing their thumb into the top of a mans hand?

If she's having thoughts, they probably aren't good ones. It sounds like she wants you to know that she is a strong independent woman. She might be wanting to be treated like an equal or like man-to-man. Or she could want to get in your pants.. Usually depends on how she looks at you while doing it.

Does a mans heart beat faster then a woman's?

No a woman's heart beats faster than a mans

Do women like to see a mans bulge sticking out when with boyfriend?

99% of women love to see a mans bulge when they're dating. A good tactic is to stuff socks down your pants to make it bigger

When a woman shakes a mans hand very firm what does that mean?

She probably wants you to deal with her as an equal and leave sex out of your business.

Can a woman in menses get pregnant if she eats mans sperms?

if a woman in menses eats mans sperms she won't get pragnent

If a woman grows her nails and digs them into a mans hand when she is giving birth does it hurt the man a lot?

of course its gonna hurt!! haha

What the Different between woman hand man hand?

Is it that a mans ring finger is longer than his index finger and a womans index finger is longer than her ring finger?

What does it mean when a English Woman puts a English mans hand on her breast?

Well, you've obviously seen this in a film somewhere. In a non-sexual context, the woman is putting his hand on her 'heart' showing that she loves him, or that she holds him close to her heart.

What is says kuran about Muslim mans marry with orthodox woman?

whats says kuran about Muslim mans marry with orthodox woman?

Can woman be given a mans heart?


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