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You may be reading into this since you didn't ask him why. A good way to ask is to ask if he is hurt. That should give you some response. If this happens more than once I would wonder about him.

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Q: What does it mean when a man is talking to and he rubs his left thigh while taking to you contantly rubbing it?
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The problem with Inner thigh boils is the constant rubbing together. Put a layer of Neosporin on it, and then apply cornstarch to the area, this will prevent any further rubbing, and will heal the boils.

No reaction from touching his thigh does he like me?

it depends....why the heck were you rubbing his thigh anyway??Maybe he was unsure of why you were rubbing his thigh. When you are kissing, a gentle rub is usually a sign that the girl is interested. What about putting his hand on your thigh? See if he gets the hint then. This is particularly effective if you are wearing a skirt. Try rubbing his stomach under his shirt, that is a real good sign that the girl is real interested in you in a physical way. Try gently using your fingernails on his bare legs, that is a real turn-on.

Is a guy rubbing his leg against your thigh considered being felt up?

no because u wouldn't would u.

What does it mean when a man is talking to and he rubs his left thigh while taking to you?

It could be a body signal. Then again, it could have nothing to do with your conversation. You should be more clear on what kind of man was it? Your father? Your boyfriend? Someone you like?

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He will usually start kissing you then rubbing your thigh with his hand or moving his hand along your side or along your neck. This could lead to more

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abduct the thigh

Question What is male frottage any way?

The word frottage is derived from the French language, and it simply means rubbing. There are sexual techniques that involve rubbing the penis against various body parts, such as a thigh, as an alternative to bodily orifices such as the vagina, anus, or mouth. It is a very safe form of sex. Some people are quite fond of it.