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he's into you of corse, make a move!

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Q: What does it mean when a man's eyes light up when he sees you and he can't stop smiling Does he like me?
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Why do guys act like they hate you but they cant stop looking at you and smiling like if you start looking at him you both can't stop looking at each other and smiling?

they act like that to not make it obvious that they like you.. and if you smile and look back then the cycle is going to go on with each other smiling and looking at each other.

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An eye smile is when someone looks like they are smiling with their eyes. Justin Bieber has been quoted that because of this theory.

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try saying, thank you and smiling. Dont keep the attention on yourself though, if you like the girl slip a compliment about her in there.

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What does it mean when you look at a guy and you cant stop smiling?

When you look at a guy and you can't stop smiling it means that he gives you a certain feeling like butterflies in your stomach and this emotion is caused because you like this guy.....and soon enough he'll acknowlegde this and maybe get to know you a little more.

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