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some people are very touchy so it may not mean anything.

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Q: What does it mean when a guy touches a girls back but shes married?
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What does it mean when a guy touches a girls back?

it depends when and ,were did it happend and who is that person. Suggesting it it is something that he would do if he likes you to show you his feelings

What does it mean if a girl touches a girls stomach?

she just playing with you or is she a lezzy?

What does it mean if a guy always touches a girls ear?

he maybe like you!

What does it mean when a guy touches a girls hand?

it means that he may like you .

If a boy touches your butt does that mean he likes you?

No But They Just Do That To Get A Girls Answer or Something Like That.

What does it mean when a girl touches you on your lower back?

She may like you. Just ask her.

What does it mean if a girl touches your thigh?

the way i know girls it mean they dont want to get some but for a little action either that or they dont kno what they are doing

If a guy touches a girls hand does that mean he likes her?

Yes it does if they were holding hands and the girl wasn't upset atall but if it was just a brush of hands your looking to much into it and it doesnt really mean anything. Well, It doesnt mean he likes her unless hes actually holding onto it and shes holding back, if he just touches it, it could just be a bit of a mistake, it might of been an accident :)

Does a guy touching a girl's hair mean he is into her?

Yes, normally when a guy touches and plays with the girls hair this is showing love and affection.

What does it mean when a boy touches your thigh and your back but has a girlfriend?

that is a wierd way of saying hes trying to cheat

What kind of girls does most guys like?

Most of guys likes beautiful girls but this doesn't mean they married them.

What does coupe mean in form of ballet?

It is when your foot is turned out in back right behind your ankle and only your heel touches.

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