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it means he is a mean jerk!!!!! or it could mean he likes you,but is showing it in a mean way

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2010-11-05 23:11:23
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Q: What does it mean when a guy stick his middle finger at a girl?
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What is so bad about the middle finger?

nothing is really bad about the middle finger i mean its just a finger i can stick up my pointer finger and will i get in trouble? NO! the middle finger is not bad and should not be bad.

What does it mean to stick up your ring finger?

Nothing. It's just to fake you out, make you think it's the middle finger for a second.

What does it mean when you stick the middle finger up while sucking it in your mouth?

This may be pertaining to fellatio; or in any circumstances, sucking the middle finger of blood because of a cut. ^_^

What does the middle finger mean if you stick it up at someone?

Um I don't mean to be rude but it means f off-Hope this helps

Does the pinky finger mean the same thing as the middle finger in China?

Honestly, no. The middle finger is the middle finger everywhere.

What does it mean when a guy sticks a middle finger at a girl?

it means he is a mean jerk!!!!! or it could mean he likes you,but is showing it in a mean way

What does it mean when a girl uses my finger to stick it down her throat and she me she doesnt have a gag reflex?

It obviously means that she doesn't have a gag reflex, and how did she show you that with your finger?

What does your dream mean if you stick up your middle finger at someone?

It probably means you are trying to express anger or frustration with that person.

What does span mean in bowling?

It is the measurement between the thumb and middle finger, thumb and ring finger and middle finger to ring finger.

What does it mean to finger a girl?

it means to stick your finger into their vagina about 3 to 4 inches because that is where the comfort point ends. 1.Make Sure She Is Ready For That Kind Of Relationship 2.She Should Spread her legs out about 3 ft. apart 3. Take Your pointer finger and your middle finger and slowly stick it into her vagina and find the vaginal opening 4.Stick Your Two fingers into the hole and you will feel something in there if it is the right place she will start to moan because it feels do good

What does holding up the index finger middle finger and pinky finger mean?


Does the pinkie finger mean the middle finger?

No, it's the smallest finger, farthest from the thumb.

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