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Usually nothing just that the guy wants to have a friendly conversation.

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Q: What does it mean when a guy starts the conversation?
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What does it mean if a guy is the one who comes up to you and starts a conversation even thought he doesn't have to and there are many ways to get away?

He wants to get to know you...

What does it mean if a guy says Can I have your number so we can continue this conversation later?

either was really in the conversation or likes you

When a guy wants to keep the conversation going does that mean he likes you?

Either that or he finds the topic of conversation fascinating or amusing.

What can you say if a guy starts talking to you?

Keep on the conversation. NEVER say "So, how's it going" It shows the guy that you don't know what to say and that you are nervous.

What does it mean when a guy having a conversation with another guy but is looking directly with you?

Wondering why you're looking at him.... Or he likes you

What does it mean if a guy keeps continuing a conversation through text?

It could mean that he likes talking to you!

What does it mean when some guy ask how are you?

He is trying to start conversation which means he likes you!

Does it mean anything if a girl always starts the conversation?

It depends on the gender of the person she is speaking to.

What does it mean if a guy rereads the fb conversation a girl and him had at 2am in the morning?

The conversation(and the girl) was obviously was on his mind. Your best bet is to ask him.

What does it mean when another guy tells you the guy you like says hey Does it mean they liek you or are they just being weird?

it probably means hes just nervous and is nott willing to start a conversation with you. Instead you should start the conversation with him.

How can a fourteen year old guy make any girl want to kiss him?

By having a conversation then it starts to slow down...Then lean in

What does it mean when you and a guy have an hour conversation through a social network?

it normally doesnt mean much if its only an hour