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i think you mean save a dance for me. and it means he wants to dance with you. he is probably leaving and really wants to dance with you so he doesn't want you to leave before he has the chance.

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Q: What does it mean when a guy says have a dance for me?
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What does it mean when a guy says ' your intimidating by the way you dance?

It means you dance well

When a guy says to you 'why aren't you dancing' what does that mean?

It could imply that the guy wants to dance with you.

What does it mean when i guy gives you the signs that he likes you but says NO SORRY to go to the school dance with you?

maybe he just wants to be friends

What does it mean if a guy says you are my angel?

means run! Kidding of course. Here are a few ideas it may mean: When a guy says "you are my angel," it typically indicates that he sees you as someone who brings positivity, happiness, comfort, or even guidance into his life. Here are some possible meanings behind this statement: **Symbol of Support and Comfort**: He may feel that you provide him with emotional support and comfort during difficult times, much like how an angel is perceived as a protective and caring figure. **Source of Happiness**: He may feel that being around you or interacting with you brings him joy and happiness, akin to the way angels are often associated with bringing blessings or good feelings. **Guidance and Inspiration**: He might see you as someone who inspires him or guides him in a positive direction, similar to how angels are seen as messengers or guides in various cultures. **Admiration and Respect**: It could also imply that he greatly admires and respects you for your qualities or actions that he perceives as angelic — such as kindness, compassion, or selflessness. In essence, when a guy says "you are my angel," he is likely expressing deep appreciation and fondness for you, attributing qualities to you that he finds uplifting and valuable in his life. It's a compliment that reflects a strong emotional connection and positive feelings towards you.

What does it mean when a guy says he'll think about it as in taking you to a dance?

He wants to say yes but when he's put on the spot he's a little nervous possibly

Is it okay to ask a guy for a dance who says he doesnt like you but you think he likes you?

It's okay to ask. He doesn't have to be in love with you to dance with you. If by "he doesn't like you" you really mean "he detests you", then he can always just say no.

What does that mean if a guy dance in a funny way in front of a girl and stare at her?

the guy likes the girl and would like to dance with her.

If a guy says that you are pretty does that mean a guy likes u?

If a guy says that you are pretty it does not mean that he likes you. He could like you, or he could just be paying you a compliment.

How can a guy ask a girl to a dance?

go up to her and say would you like to come to such in such dance if she says no then there is plenty of other fish in the sea!

How do you ask a guy to dance with you at a middle school dance?

Just casually walk up to a boy, and start talking to him; how he is, how the dance is and say,"So, I was wondering if you'd like to dance with me?" and see what he says(:

What does it mean when a guy says its not you its me?

It means he is the problem....not you

What does it mean when a guy says 'get on me'?

Dude he wants to do IT!!!!!