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This means that he's too nice!! Or he can't afford a phone... This happened to me before I gave this CUTE guy my number and he never-ed called. But he accepted my phone number. That's y i say that he's to nice. But, that's fine you can always find someone whos interested.

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Q: What does it mean when a guy says I will you tomorrow but never calls?
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What does it mean If a girl says that she will call you tomorrow and never does?

It does not necessarily mean anything if a girl says she will call and doesn't. She may have just been busy and forgot.

Do guys get annoyed if you like him and he likes you but he never calls and you call him?

i am a guy i have never been in a relationship but i wouldn't get annoyed, i mean who says girls can't call guys

What does learn from yesterday live for today hope for tomorrow what does it mean?

Exactly what it says.

What does it mean if a girl you like always says she will hang out with you and call you if shes free but never calls She always sounds enthusiastic when you ask her to hang out?

she probably likes you (:

What does it mean when a guy calls you his sidekick?

It depends if he says it sweetly he may like you. if he says it jokingly he is just a close friend!

What does it mean if a girl says she love you but then never talks to you then only calls you when she is horny and wants sex but when you call her she never answers the phone?

i am very sorry that this is happening to you! When she calls you ignore her call and maybe even tell her that you don't have time for her and you deserve someone way better than that! this is advice coming from a girl herself!

What does it mean when someone calls you mija?

it means like lady or like when someone says ''girl!'' tht what it mean

If 2 guys like you that are taken and one calls u sweetheart and says stuff like he can't wait 2 see you and the other guy never says nothing like that and hides his feelings what does that mean?

he is just is shy but still likes you

What should you do if your boyfriend calls you names when hes mad then when hes not mad he says he never means what he says and just name calls because he is mad?

From your grammar I can tell you this is probably the best you'll ever do so hang onto him.

What does it mean when someone calls you names then says i love you?

It means you are in an abusive relationship and you should get out now.

What does a man mean when he says see you tomorrow?

i see nothing in this word, just greeting to say goodbye for polite.

What does hesse mean when he says Siddhartha was never present?

kamala was never present