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It probably means he doesn't know the answer or that he can't remember :)

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Q: What does it mean when a guy doesn't give a straight answer?
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What does it mean when you emphasize to a guy friend that you are just friends but the guy ignores you?

Tell it to him straight... just be like "Hey Were just friends" If that doesnt work... ignore him and if that doesnt work... well, idk then

What does a guy mean if he says can you give you company?

ythat guy doesnt seem to make sense when hes talking then..

If a guy is always staring often and then he ignores you what does that mean?

Like straight up ignores you? well, he maybe doesnt like you anymore?If you mean he like turns his head when you notice,he likes you.

What does st8 guy mean?


A guy says that he doesnt like you. Does that mean he really does?

For whatever reason he says it, he needs you to back off. Give him some room for awhile...

How do you get a gay guy to give straight guy head?

Ask trust me just ask

What does it mean when a guy 'makes moves' on you but doesnt ask you out?

it means that he is flirting with you.

What does it mean if a guy said he didnt have feelings?

he doesnt like you hun :(

What do you do if a guy really likes you but you don't like him back?

give it to him straight, he'll give up soon enough. gentil but straight-forward

What does straight guy mean?

It means that the guy isn't gay. That he only likes woman

What does it mean when a straight guy spends alot of time with gay guy?

It means they are friends.

When a guy says she straight after seen a picture of a girl what does that mean?

When a guy says "she is straight" after seeing a picture of a girl it means that she is straight in nature. She has a preference of males for relationships.