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Because he is in love and wants to impress a certain lady!

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Q: What does it mean when a guy changes his appearance?
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When does cherim evolve?

Do you mean when it changes it appearance or if it evolves into Cherubi? Well for the 1st answer it changes its appearance in sunny weather, and for the 2nd answer it evolves at lv 25

What does it mean when a woman tells a guy you like what you see?

She is asking the guy if he likes her physical appearance, she is flirting with him.

What is the meaning of phisycal change?

I think you mean physical. And it's when the appearance of something changes.

What matters more appearance or personality when you're trying to get the right guy?

Appearance matters somewhat but it is more personality. You could be beautiful but mean and cold and it'd be hard to love you. Try using appearance to get the guy, then reel him in with your great personality.

What does it mean if a guy is being too mean then you answer him with a good answer and changes to being the nicest guy ever?

Meaning he is listening to you and thank goodness you have changed him.

What does it mean when you dream that you are in love with a guy you don't know this guy but towards the end of the dream the guy changes to your guy friend?

It means that guy friend was thinking about you at night..

What does physice change mean?

what does physical change mean

If a guy notices something different in your appearance does that mean he has a crush on you?

Yes if a guy is complimenting you on something you may have changed especially if it is something small. So chances are the guy you are talking about really likes you.

What can cause Breast appearance changes?

Breast appearance changes when you have a breast CA. It will have an orange peel appearance or different skin pigmentation, pus, unequal breast size and lumps.

Does the appearance of your vagina changes during pregnancy?

it changes after birth.....stretched out

What does it mean when a guy changes he's hair color to impress you?

Well obviously he changes something quite major to impress you…he likes you of course!

What does it mean when a guy changes his attitude towards a girl every day?

probaly trying diffrent styles so the girl/guy will ask them out