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it means that he really truly loves you...or hes obsessed with you. or he or she couldn't let you go because of his or her insecurities and possessiveness...

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Q: What does it mean when a guy cant let go of you?
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You like a guy but he finished you and you still cant let go of him what should i do?

get over it :P haha shame, he dumped you!

Why do you keep fallin for the same boy over and over?

well sometimes its hard to let go of a guy. if you love them then you love them nothing can change that. you cant let go of him. if you keep falling for the same guy then you must truly be in love with him

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What does it mean when a guy thinks that you souldent of let her go?

That he still likes her or still is in love with her.

You like this guy he likes you but he is also likes this other girl that he seems he cant let go what do you do?

spend more time with him you guys will eventually cling

What do you do if you like a guy too much and can't let him go?

let him go!...he will not let you go then....hopefully :P

If you cant get over a guy what can you do?

Go out with a different one.

What does it mean when a guy says you have that snapper?

When she has a muscle that grabs your private parts and want let go till she is ready

Why do you still like love a guy even after he complete rips you up inside?

U might have feelings for him are u love him so much u cant let him go.......

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