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to know whether she is younger than that guy or not...

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Q: What does it mean when a guy asks a girl their age?
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When a guy asks you what size are you what does he mean?

He means what size bra you wear

What does it mean Girl asks guy to do homework at her house?

Well, simply, the question "Hey, wanna do some homework at my place?" can mean A LOT. It depends on how the girl says it, how the girl acts after asking the question, and if the girl likes you/you like her It might just be a normal and friendly half hour of homework, but there are many possibilities. The girl might just suddenly "make a move" and can turn out from friends to a relationship, it just depends on how the girl acts Who knows it might just turn out to be a trick to get a guy to have sexual intercourse with a girl watch out guys!!!

What does it mean when a guy asks What is your size?

He's only interested in your body. He wants to know what size clothes and bra you wear. Walk away from him. Real men are interested in women for their personality and who they are as a person. False men (such as this guy) are only interested in the amount of self-pleasure they can get from you.

What does it mean if a university girl blushes dark red with only you for being with your Muslim mom if you are a Muslim university guy?

it means that someone fancies you

What does it mean if a girl blushes dark red with only you for being with your mom if you are a guy?

well u being with your mom shows her that you are good material for a guy... its pretty much a fact that a guy will treat a girl the same way he does his mom so if you treat your mom well and respect her that shows her that you will love her in the same way you love your mom.... aka she likes you and she thinks your a good guy and she wants to date you :)

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