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If there's no other path, she needs to get from A to B. If she has other options and always walks by, she probably wants your attention.

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It could mean that she is simply walking by to get to someone or somewhere else. It's best not to read too much into it without more context or clear signals of interest from her.

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Q: What does it mean when a girl walks pass your desk close to you?
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What does it mean when a girl that likes you walks away when she sees you?

when a girl walks away and you are POSITIVE she likes you, then she is doing that because she doesn't want anyone to know she likes you but you.

What does it mean when a girl begins to cry and when her crush walks in the room she walks up to him?

It simply means she wants his attention.

What does it mean when she rolls her eyes smiles and walks away when you try to discuss your feelings?

what does it mean if a close relative that has passed smiles at you and walks away in your dream not answering the questions you have for them

What does it mean if a boy pulls a girl close to him?

he might like her

How do you know if a mean girl likes you?

She will tell you or continue trying to be close to you.

A guy who shows that that he loves the girl...but when that girl ask him about it then he says they are only close friends...what does it mean?

there are so close tat they rather be friends than a boyfriend or girlfriend

What does it mean when you close your eyes you see girl that you like?

That your falling in love(I guess)

What does it mean if a teenage boy walks towards a girl and his eyes are almost shut?

he is blind tired or nervous

What does it mean when you walk into a classroom and you notice as a guy is talking to a girl he is staring at your legs as your walking to your desk and your wearing pants anyway?

he wants to do u

Is a guy trying to get your attention if he suddenly jumps down from the desk and walks to his friends and talks loudly when he sees you walking towards them?

yesand no he gets your attention but that doesn't mean he likes you

What does schreibtisch mean in German?

Schreibtisch = desk (lit. writing desk)

What does it mean if whenever you close your eyes you see a boy and your a girl?

It may mean that your falling in love (That's my guess -.-)