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It means she cant find anything else to say so she is just listing things off the top of her head..your cute, funny, smart...usually saying your funny and smart are just things to say when you really cant think of anything else to say.

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Q: What does it mean when a girl says you look smart?
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What does Darren Criss look for in a girl?

He says that "he wants to wake up next to smart"

If a girl says she hates you but looks at you with a sad look what does it mean?

That she really does love you

What does it mean when an ex crush says to you that you are very smart and interesting girl?

His nice way to move on from you yet still has feelings for you.

What does 'Smartness' mean?

It really means a sharp pain if you look it up in a dictionary that is what it says.

Is Selena gomez a smart girl?

i think that Selena Gomez is really smart says Taylor lautner

What does it mean when a girl says you like nice?

itz a polite way of telling you that you look cute

What do guys hate most about a girl?

Anime-Gurl>If the girl knows how to take care of herself and knows when to walkaway from them! And if the girl is smart and has a dream instead of messing around!Plus, when he says something mean the girl knows none of that is true!!!

What does the narrator mean when he says the trees are wise?

the tree is smart

What does a girl mean when she says your ayt?

Are. You. There

What does it mean when a person says wise up?

He/she means get smart and get to reality.

What does it mean when a girl says a guy is icandy?

If a person is referred to as eye-candy, it means that they are an attractive person, and enjoyable to look at.

What does it mean when you ask a girl out and she says that she has a boyfriend when she really doesn't?

If you tell a girl that you love her and she says that it's a strong word what does that mean?