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it means she likes you and she wants you.

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It usually means that she thinks you're cool. In her eyes, you are a good person, or are fun to hang around, or all of the above. She's just giving you a compliment to you're personality and how you are around her.

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Q: What does it mean when a girl says you are cool?
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When you say dont move to fast for a girl what does that mean?

When a guy says this they mean commitment or wanting to enjoy what they are doing, when a girl says it they usually just mean keep it cool ull get it when im ready.

What is something cool to say when a girl says you are cute?

say so are you (if you mean it) and smile when you say it.

What does it mean if someone says something is dope?

It means cool. "that was dope" "that was cool"

When a girl says you could be cool together what does it mean?

It means if you were in a fight or something, it'll be fine and you two could still be friends, and wouldn't have a problem.

What does the girl name jordan mean?

It mean that it is a cool name

What does the name Katey mean?

cool girl

What does a girl mean when she says your ayt?

Are. You. There

What does it mean when you tell a guy you like him and he says cool?

It could mean that he likes you to.

What does it mean when a girl says you are cute sweet caring and cool but have nothing in common and any girl would be lucky to have you?

She doesn't want to date you but doesn't know how to turn you down without hurting your feelings.

What does it mean when you ask a girl out and she says that she has a boyfriend when she really doesn't?

If you tell a girl that you love her and she says that it's a strong word what does that mean?

What does a girl mean when she says that you are not bad?

When a girl says that you not bad means that she thinks you are a nice person. This could also mean that she likes you.

How do you please a girl the right way?

Listen to what she says, play it cool, and just be nice.