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It means they want you to get in the mood for a Fark

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When she wants to be the cat daddy

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Q: What does it mean when a girl rubs her butt on a boy?
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What does it mean when a boy rubs his leg on a girl's leg?

The boy likes or is trying to get your attention. Or he wants to kiss her or tell her he loves her,

what does it mean when boy hit with there hand on a girl butt?


You are a girl and a boy came to you and grabbed and pinched your butt what does this mean?

did it hurt?

What does it mean when a boy fish bites a girl fishes butt?

i think they're mating

If a boy rubs his penis on a girls underwear and eject sperms on the underwear will the girl get pregnant?


If your not sad and a boy rubs your back what does that mean?

He feels bad and cares for you

How do you tell if grasshoppers are a boy or girl?

you can tell if its a girl or a boy byits butt or eyes. if its a girl, it will have small pupils. if itsa boy, it will have large pupils.

How do you tell a baby bunny is a boy or a girl?

You can tell whether or not your rabbit is a boy/girl by looking under its butt.

What if a 12-year-old boy rubs a 12-year-old girl to calm down?

That will be nice.

Is it correct that a girl like butt of a boy?

Yes, indeed! It is a great compliment to a boy.

Who would win Girl vs boy?

your butt will win

What does it mean when a boy tell another boy to look at your butt?

it means that who ever told the boy to look at your butt likes you.