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For a girl to blow in a guy's ear, it usually means they're trying to slowly edge him on. If a girl does do this to you, she normally wants you to get closer or kiss her. If you can tell that she likes you then make your move......GO GET HER

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It could mean that she is trying to be playful or flirtatious with you. It may also be her way of getting your attention or trying to be silly and make you laugh.

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That means that she may be flirting with you and she wants your attention.

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Q: What does it mean when a girl puts her finger in your ear?
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What does it mean when a guy puts his finger in your ear?

It means he's really weird. Avoid these types of men.

How can you make out that a widow is looking for sex?

If she puts her finger in your ear

What part of the ear receives stimulus?

You will have to use your finger on your ear to determine which part of the ear receives a stimulus

What does it mean when a girl blows behind a guys ear?

She is trying to get special attention.

What does it mean when a girl touches her hair when you are approaching?

Touching it as in brushing behind her ear or twirling it in her finger, if so probably trying to look good, could be a sign, but stay careful I would keep playing the game tell you certain shes' into you.

Does it mean anything if a girl has two piercings on her right ear and one on her left?

It sure doesnt

What is a tattoo of three triangle dots behind the ear mean on a girl?

it means "My Crazy Life"

Do we never touch your eardrum inside our ears with our finger?

Yes, you never touch your eardrum inside your ear with your finger.

What happens when you put earwax in vagina?

well from what my uncle told me today lol it's like an old folk tell or w.e you put some ear wax on your finger and finger a girl or w.e and if it hurts her she has something but im trying to look up right now whats in ear wax that would make it do that if it does. TRIAL TESTS:D haha

Why does earwax taste bad?

I do not the exact answer, but if you really want to know, stick your finger in your ear, rub your finger around, take you finger out, then lick you finger!!

How can you avoid swimmers ear?

You can wear ear plugs, or everytime you get out of the water, air them out with your finger, or if you have a cap, pull it over your ears.

What does it mean with guys play with a girl's ear?

Playing with a girl's ear can be a non-verbal way to show affection or flirtation. It can also be a way to connect and create intimacy during a conversation or interaction.