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It means that she doesn't know why any guy or anyone in the world would ask her

out because she has less confidence in herself or she is just filled with curiosity on why

you would. If you want her to say yes, compliment her, hold her hand, and say why

you love her that you want to take her out on a date.

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she wants to go out with your brother

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Q: What does it mean when a girl asks you to go somewhere?
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When a guy asks a girl to go steady with him what does it mean?

To be his regular girlfriend.

What does it mean when a girl asks you to slow dance with her?

to go with her and dance slowly

What does it mean if a girl asks if you have asked another girl to a dance?

It could mean that they are wondering if you have asked another girl because they want to go with you and im a girl so this is what im thinking.

When a girl asks you about other guys what does it mean?

It means they really dislike the boy and don't want to go out with him...

What does it mean when a girl asks out a guy and he says he doesnt know?

Go with "no". Whatever else it means, it means you are not his first choice.

In a sentence going somewhere champion what is the use of somewhere?

go somewhere girl or boy

If a girl asks you to be her best friend does that mean that she likes you?

No. It means she thinks you are nice and maybe even smart! But if you are a boy, it MIGHT mean something more. Go for it.

What does it mean if a boy asks a girl to go swimming with them?

they like you but they dont no how to say it so he wants to go swimming with you to find out more about you and see if you are really his type.

What does the word date mean when you go out with a guy?

A date means when either you ask the young man out to a movie or somewhere else or he asks you out and you stay together for duration of that date.

What if a girl asks a guy out and the guy says no?

The girl should go home and cry

If a girl asks you to go somewhere with her and her best friend and is excited when you say yes is that a sign she likes you?

She likes you enough to have asked in the first place, but don't try to decide what kind of liking or how strong it is.

What does it mean if a girl asks if your growing out your hair?

It means that when you and a girl meet, and you have short hair, and you chat, and later you go home, and when your hair is long, and you meet her again. Every time you grow your hair longer, you meet her. Then she asks if you're growing out your hair.