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Probubly yes. but don't jump to conclusions...just ask him

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Q: What does it mean when a boy is walking really close behind is he trying t touch your butt?
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If a boy is walking close behind you is he trying to touch you?

No, most of the boys are not horny!

If a boy is walking really close in front of you just to make you stop walking what does that mean?

He is trying to control you.

Should you stand close to a horses hindquarters when walking behind it?

NO! Never stand close to a horses` butts.

When you walk behind a horse should you walk 6 feet behind it?

When you are walking behind a horse, you can either go really really close behind them (practically hugging their butt) or far behind them out of kicking range. In some cases you may not have a choice and may have to go very close. In that case, go right up beside their bum and sort of drag your hand on top of their rump so they know that you're there. That way if they kick they'll hardly be able to raise their leg.

When walking behind a horse should you stay 6 feet away or stay very close to its hindquarters?

you should stay close to the hindquarters

What does it mean if a guy stands behind you really really close and you turn around and he quickly gos into class is he cheaking me out please no silly answers?

Either he is trying something, wrong. Or maybe he is too scared to confront you?

When walking behind a horse you should?

You shouldn't walk behind horses you're not familiar with, but if you have to, you should rub your hand across their body as you walk behind them (so they know you're there). If you don't want to walk close to them, you should walk really far behind them, so that if they do kick, you're too far away to reach.

Is it safe to walk behind a tractor or not?

It most likely is safe to walk behind a tractor. However, if someone were to walk too close behind the tractor and not pay attention to where he or she was walking, he might get his/her feet caught in something. All in all, if someone were paying attention, walking behind a tractor does not seem hazardous.

If a boy walks really close beside you what is he trying to do to you?

look at you butt or checking you out

When walking behind a horse you should do whatStand at least 6 feet behind the horseBe extremely quiet so you dont spook the horseStand very close to the horses hindquartersT?

Stand at least 6 feet behind the horse

How can you be in front of somebody but behind them at the same time?

when you're standing behind someone and you're really close to them and you put your hand in front of their face