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To Profile someone means to guess something on someone based on what they do.

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Q: What does it mean to profile someone?
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What does a stalker on Facebook mean?

a stalker on facebook is someone who looks at your profile alot.

Does Natalie Portman have a Funny or Die profile?

Natalie Portman does not maintain a Funny or Die profile, but that does not mean that someone hasn't done a profile with her name attached to it, and completely unknown to her.

What does it mean when someone is listed as your first friends on your wall on Facebook?

make a new profile

Can someone see who has checked out there profile?

well no unless someone comments on your profile then obviously u know someone has been on ur profile to comment on it

What is the hashtag number on a twitter profile coz When you go on someone's profile on twitter bellow their name there is a hashtag then a number But what does this mean?

This is the location the tweet was posted from.

On classmatescom when they send you an email that says that someone has signed your guest book does that mean that someone is trying to contact you or someone has just clicked on your profile?

Signing your guestbook simply means that someone has visited your public profile. If they are trying to contact you, you will receive an email with their message in it.

What does it mean that someone is following me on twitter?

When someone follows you on Twitter, it means that this person will receive all updates you post on your Twitter profile.

What do you mean by blocking a person on fb?

When you block someone it means they can't access your profile or send you messages.

How can i see someone's Facebook profile when they've blocked me?

If they blocked you you cannot see their profile. The only way you can see someone's profile is if your their friend on Facebook.

What does sent date on a inmate profile mean?

I am taking an educated guess here - but what I think you REALLY meant to write was "SET date on a inmate profile."If I am correct - it would mean that someone (judge?) wants a date set (or has already set a date) on which a history profile or a psychological profile of a particular inmate must be submittred.

What is a high profile customer?

A high profile customer is someone who is popular.

How do you delete profile of someone in news feed of Facebook?

How do you delete profile of someone in news feed of face book?