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If what you mean is if swallowing means true love, then no. It actually means that a couple is having oral sex, and the one getting the oral swallows the ejaculated sperm, either on purpose or accident

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Q: What does it mean swallow means true love?
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Is the bird of true love a swallow?


What does Wahre mean in English?

"Wahre Liebe" means "true love".

What does the phrase you have found your love mean?

Answer It means you have found THE ONE for you...your true love.

What does amor verdadero mean?

Amor verdadero means true love.

What does the name kyndel mean?

Kyndell means love able an passionate protector an true love

What does pray hear me true love mean?

It means "please listen to me, sweetheart."

If the bird of love is called a dove what is the bird of true love called?

If the bird of love is called a dove what is the bird of true love called a swallow.

What does love looks not with the eyes but with the mind mean?

I think it means that you will find true love when you love the person on the inside not just on how they look.

What does an idiom 'bitter pill to swallow' mean?

A bitter pill to swallow means something that is unpleasant, but true or important to hear. Medicine has a reputation for tasting bad, but you take it to get better. It is unpleasant but helpful. "It was a bitter pill to swallow when Jane was told that her son was a bully."

What does one love one life mean?

One love, one life, means that you will only find one true love in your life.

WHAT DOES amas veritas mean?

In the Latin and loosely translated it means, "True Love". When literally translated, it is closer to "the truth of love".

What does it mean if you don't call your boyfriend because your scared is it true love?

it means your scared he is not going to love you back but he probaly does