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It means that their account is currently non-accessible, as in they've deleted it.

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2010-01-24 06:46:50
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Q: What does it mean on Facebook when a person's name is grey?
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What does it mean on Facebook when a persons name says Facebook user?

What it means is that this person had either deleted their account, has blocked you :( i hate it when it happens to me it could mean that you have not signed in to it and your a guest and not a member

What does the little moon on Facebook mean?

There is a little half moon that appears in Facebook chat next to a persons name. When the moon appears, it means that the person is idle at that time and is not active.

How do you pingsomeone on Facebook?

once your on their profile look under photo and it shold say send (persons name) a message add (persons name ) to friends list and poke (persons name) click on (persons name)

What does the moon mean next to a persons name on Facebook?

It means that the person has Facebook pulled up on their computer, but they haven't done anything on it for 10 minutes or more. It usually means that they have left their computer or it is minimized.

What does grey bubble mean by persons name on gmail?

Gray bubble means that the person is Invisible. You cannot see what the person is doing. The person's status in invisible.

What does kahllil mean?

Its a persons name

What does the name Jamira mean?

a girl which is a persons name

What does it mean when a profile name says Facebook user?

it means that he/she is a facebook user ??

What does Anijah mean?

anijah is a persons name

What does clarissa mean?

It means a persons name

What does the name Grey mean?

It means without color.

Why is there a color next to a persons name on facebook?

because if its green it means there on but if it has a moon that means there like well not online

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