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If your period wont stop you should to your ob gyn or doctor you may have a condition whick could be serious hope this helped

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Q: What does it mean if your period won't stop?
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What can you do if its the tenth day and your period is heavy?

i don't believe you can do anything if their is more blood in there then you wont stop your period until it gone.

What does impending period mean?

period is about to come to a complete stop

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Hamsters don't talk.

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What does it mean when your period just stop?

Ur pregnant

Would drinking too much stop your periods?

No it wont stop if you drink to much, no matter what you have you wont be able to stop you're hormones on working. Period is a constant thing which will happen every two weeks, however if the person has contraceptive pills this may stop your period only 4 some time but the person have to have them pills everyday. So Frankly speaking NO DRINKING TO MUCH WILL NOT STOP YOUR PERIODS!

What does it mean when you still on your period after your period?

It means that you still on your period and it will stop shortly.If it doesnt get medical help.

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