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Depends on the rest of the text and how well you know him. He could be a player and you are the prey he is fishing for. Some of these fellows like to send something like that to draw you in. Stay cool. It is possible he likes you. If he is only someone you have met online I would be careful or if you know him from school that is a different question. He is trying to be cute and if you have never met him that raises some warning bells.

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Adding a kiss symbol at the end of a text from a guy friend typically shows affection or warmth in a friendly way, similar to how they might sign off with a hug in-person. It doesn't necessarily indicate romantic interest but rather a friendly and caring sentiment.

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i wouldn't say that he loves you if it was one kiss, maybe 2 or more means he maybe finds you cute, funny or attractive if he puts down loads and loads he has feelings for you for sure

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Q: What does it mean if your guy friend puts a kiss symbol at the end of a text?
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What does it mean if a boy puts a kiss on the end of a text?

it depends on the guy. from me, it usually does. if it's a good friend, probably not, but i would say that since you're asking, he probably is.

What does it mean when a boy puts his hand under your face?

it means he loves you and he wants to kiss you

What does it mean when a guy puts his fingers together and blows you a kiss?

It most likely means he likes you

What does it mean when a boy puts his hands on your hips and stare into your eyes?

probably that he likes you and wants to kiss u

What does it mean when your girl friend puts her hand on top of yours?

to hold her hand.

What does it mean if a boy puts you on his top and you guys talk after church?

He thinks you are a good friend.

What does it mean when your guy friend puts his arm over you when you're a girl?

Then he has a thing for you girl.

A boy asked you to go with him in a note your friend grabs it and puts no is the boy mad at you or her?

ok im a guy so i understand this your friend is probably jealous and wanted to ask him out herself explain that it was your friend that wrote no if you really wanted to go out with him. if he doesn't belive you, you could kiss him nothing will convince or sway a man like a woman's kiss

What does it mean if your boyfriend puts his leg between your legs and puts your leg between his legs?

It sounds to me like he's both physically attracted to you and may also want you to kiss him.

What does it mean when someone signs a text message or note like this Jennifer X what on earth does the 'X' mean A lot of British girls do this does it mean kiss?

yes the x means kiss my girlfreind is from britian and she puts xx in her txt messages to me all the time

What does it mean when a girl puts her cheeks against mine?

She is showing you affection possibly during a hug and maybe even giving you the option of a kiss.

Is there a special way to french kiss?

Yes there is. The guy or girl puts there tongue in the other persons mouth and you kiss! Have fun!